Clean Power Engineering (CPE)

At CPE our sole focus is the optimal operation of clean power plants and associated asset management services.

We provide a full range of best in class technical engineering and financial support services for most renewable energy power plants including photovoltaic (PV) solar, biomass, biogas, hydroelectric and other hybrid systems.

Our team has decades of experience in the design, construction, servicing and financing of commercial, industrial and utility scale power systems. We have leveraged this knowledge towards the renewable energy and energy conservation markets.

This has led to exceptional innovation in the renewable energy generation industry with the installation and long-term management of several portfolios of small scale, commercial scale and utility scale clean power generating systems throughout North America.

Our growing client list includes Independent Power Producers (IPP), other Asset Managers, Pension & Investment Funds, Equipment Manufacturers and a range of other valued, loyal customers.
CPE ‘s mission is to provide exceptional reliability and industry leading performance through the use of leading edge design and components in order to produce a world class power system.

Our goal is to ensure that our Customers’ asset performs with the utmost of reliability, efficiency and profitability.

With Clean Power Engineering, the maintenance and management of your clean power station won’t cost you money, it will make you money.

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Solar O&M


We offer solar O&M services supported by optional financial services, to ensure optimal PV production and associated revenues are achieved.

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Hydroelectric, Biomass and Biogas O&M Services


We service and maintain a host of renewable energy power generators including Hydroelectric, Biomass and Biogas Anaerobic Digestion systems.

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Hybrid Power Systems O&M Services

hybrid energy solutions combine solar and wind energy sources

As renewable energy pioneers, our roots participating in the deployment and servicing of Hybrid clean power generating systems dates back to 2000.

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